A life inspired by self motivation, inspiration and like-minded people

I speak to so many people who are ‘unhappy’ in their work and find it amazing as to why anyone would spend a third of their life doing something they don’t enjoy. Personally, I believe a job is what you make it and you can make a difference in whatever work you are doing right now…we really are able to create our own reality and future if we really put our minds to it.

After spending some time with a wonderful group of people who really are doing their ‘true work’ in what they love to do. I was pretty much the odd one out as they all had businesses of their own and I didn’t because I work full time (and long hours) in a job I love….yes really! Any spare time I get (which isn’t much!) is spent learning new skills and being inspired by like-minded, self motivated, inspirational people. In turn I use these skills and any knowledge gained to help others whenever I’m coaching or asked for support and advice.

I’ve spent many years reading inspiring books about the way the mind works and have studied and qualified in Hypnosis and NLP. If only they would teach this stuff in schools! I truly believe that when you master your thoughts, you can transform your life.
I’ve also studied complementary therapies and am fully qualified in Crystal Therapy, Spectrum Therapy, and Reiki.

My other true passion is for animal welfare and I fully support those unsung heroes who run animal rescue centres and sanctuaries. Their tenacity and selflessness never fails to amaze me so I am happy to share or post any links to those worthy causes.
Life is short…find something you’re interested in and Do It!


2 Responses to About

  1. Dear M
    This has such a calm wonderful ‘feel’ ; it makes me want to smile
    and knowing you, the author, it is so authentic
    May lots of people find their way to you my dear
    You are true light
    Lots of love

    • M says:

      Bless you my friend, that is such lovely feedback I feel truly humbled and honored, thank you! M x

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