Been a while…


Well I’m sorry to say my passion for writing was overtaken by bereavement and grief, followed by ‘busy-ness’ which is a cop out for not doing some of the things that make me happy…like this!

A lot has happened since last posting here, but hey, I’m not here to talk about me! This website is about sharing insights that might (in some way) help you ‘The Reader’ who was kind enough to take the time to read these posts.

Being busy is one of those common excuses we all make without realising what an irritating habit it can become for those around us. Keep telling people how busy you are and before you know it, they just stop asking you to meet up or join them when they go out for dinner or to a party they’ve been invited to.

Listening to an audio book recently by Dr Wayne Dyer called ‘Excuses Begone’ made me realise just how many excuses our minds can come up with and just how conditioned we are into believing them! It’s a great book if you want to learn more about getting rid of the excuses we make.

It’s useful to note each time you say you’re ‘too busy’ and question it. See what interesting thoughts come along…like more excuses perhaps? Bringing it into your awareness helps you realise that you really are making an excuse for not doing something else.

What is it you are depriving yourself of enjoying or having? Friends, company, laughter, fun?

Or are you avoiding doing something you know you should do? Things like; raising money for your favourite charity, visiting an elderly relative, tidying your room, getting fit, losing weight, developing yourself physically and mentally…are just a few that spring to mind!

Don’t worry, we all do it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Changing your excuse habit of being too busy is only a decision away. Just ask yourself the question next time you have the thought of being too busy and see what comes up.

It can be good fun and quite revealing and a great way to mastering your thoughts too.

Try it next time you make this an excuse to yourself or someone else.

That’s if you’re not too busy;)



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