Darling Buds of May

Darling Buds of May

Gardening is one of the many things I enjoy doing once I’m out there! The effort it takes to keep on top of things is always well rewarded with lush lawns and fragrant blooms that remind us of what life really is about (for me any way!) especially when I stop and ‘smell the roses’ as they say. Try it. It really is a joy to behold if you linger long enough to stay in the moment and stare at the beauty that has exploded out of an unsuspecting bud.

Some fragrances remind me of days gone by; memories start flooding in as the scent from a certain flower drifts across my senses and I’m transported back to a time when I’m five years old and in my grandma’s garden. The smell of privet when in flower does this…oh, and the gorgeous waft of Alyssum. This particular plant; covered in a mass of tiny white flowers, gives off a strong fragrance and will re-seed anywhere so well worth popping those into your summer bedding.

I love to see the darling buds of May about to burst open like the one the photo I took shown below of a Rhododendron busting at the seams to get out! They hold such hope of what’s to come, of all the possibilities that new life brings to an early summer garden.

I’m sharing these thoughts with you today because this simple action of taking the time to look closely and smell a flower or plant, offers a glimpse into a world that evolves around us that too often gets missed as we race by in this ever speeding, fast paced world that we live in. We get to see a different kind of life form to our own that deserves just as much respect as we give ours. A life that asks for nothing more than occasional rain, good soil and a sunny morning to bloom it’s little heart out and give you the scent and colour of its life for you to look at and enjoy at your pleasure.

Bursting Bud

Just for once stop and smell the roses…today.

M x

May 2012


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  1. Anísia says:

    i’m really interested on this subject, gonna see your other posts, hope they are so good like this one.

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