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I was listening to Napoleon Hill speak on an audio book called ‘your right to be rich’ and was motivated by the notion that we each have the absolute power to deal with difficult situations (and people!) by harnessing our thoughts and taking action to foster and practice discipline.

Self discipline is a definition that reminds me of being in control of your actions, and it is, but what Dr Hill was referring to in his book was the discipline of mind. Discipline of mind ultimately leads to right action in any given situation and no matter what the circumstances, you alone have the power to influence the outcome of the situation by taking control of your thoughts.

Let me give you an example of how I related to this wisdom.

I woke almost 2 hours earlier than usual this morning with nagging thoughts of a situation  the day before that really bothered me. Unknowingly, I had mentally been churning over the scenario in my mind and consequently had interrupted a good nights sleep…not great for anyone!

Unable to get the negative script from replay mode and get back to sleep, I made the decision to get up…

Taking control of this situation and my current negative thoughts about it was only going to be fuelled by action, and I have to say that after a long shower and healthy breakfast, the thoughts melted into the background and I was able to quiet my mind long enough to ask for guidance in finding the right way to deal with it that would result in a positive outcome.

Now I’m not saying the thoughts completely disappeared but I felt lighter, less troubled and more in control.

As I got in the car and turned on my iPod to listen to one of many audio books (my way of making good use of the travel time to work every day) I was about to change the book I had been listening to the day before for one that would give me something like the The Shift by Wayne Dyer. However, my gut feeling was to leave on ‘Your Right to be Rich’. So I did. And would you believe it…the exact thing I needed to hear was on at the precise moment where it came on!

All about fostering good relationships with your fellow man and woman, and the part about the importance of discipline. But what amazed me most was; just after I turned it on, Napoleon Hill read out a wonderful essay he wrote to deal with a very negative and unpleasant situation he had come upon. This same essay was embraced by Mahatma Ghandi and resulted in Napoleon’s teachings/books being translated for the people of India to read.

In essence, this essay describes how no-one in this life has power over you unless you allow it, and that a pleasant disposition and choice to be happy can never be broken by someone else’s disloyalty or unpleasant behaviour….I love this. It’s a very cathartic way of releasing negativity in any situation and puts the power and control back with you so you can exercise the discipline of mind in any given situation with any given person.

Needless to say, the situation worked out beautifully and proved to me again that our thoughts can be positive and inspiring or negative and disruptive…but either way; you choose.

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    it’s true that your website is very good, and it’s all well organized

  2. Belmira says:

    great ideas. have just found you here, and will bookmark to come back.

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