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Flight over the alps to Italy

Haven’t blogged for a while as spending way too much time making my site functional and adding widgets…which is great fun by the way! I’m also still working on the e-book which is taking time but coming together nicely and will be posted as a free-be when it’s done…so watch this space!

Usually I get inspired to write when I’m travelling (as you may have noticed from previous blogs) but this time I’m inspired to write because of one lovely comment from a visitor to my site who made my day. Which got me thinking of how powerful it is when one person reaches out to say a few kind words of encouragement just at the time you need it most.

Thank you kind reader:-)

I’m also encouraged to write this evening by a wonderful bio I watched about Andrea Bocelli who, although blind, lives a more active and full life than anyone I know. It was so motivating and encouraging to watch him horse riding, doing water sports, rollerskating and even skydiving!

His voice is truly amazing and when he sings you just know this is a person doing their ‘true work’ and inspiring others along the way by living a full and active life despite being blind. This is what I call inspirational living or creating the life you want without excuses.

The picture above was taken from the window of the plane as we flew over the alps… and reminds me of why I love flying so much, especially when it’s on the way to my favourite place in all the world; ITALIA. There are many beautiful places in the world but some of my best memories (and friends) are in Italy so that’s why it’s so special I guess.

So, although I’m not travelling during this blog, I would like to dedicate this photograph to Andrea Bocelli as I travelled to his native country, and to all you others out there doing your true work. You inspire me to write.

M x


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2 Responses to Inspired to write

  1. Dana says:

    The first blog I picked to read was this one and it’s exactly what you did for me yesterday when you sent me a note. I’m struggling with change and writing is what I want to do full time. Thank you for your encouraging words to continue writing. love and light to you

    • M says:

      You are most welcome Dana, thank you for your feedback. I loved both of your blogs that I read, your honesty is refreshing and you have a way of writing that made me want to read more. Don’t hide your light, you have a gift and it should be shared! Why not send me an overview of what you do in the contact tab of this website, I can add you to the ‘your true stories’ section with a link to your blog site so you can share your gift with more people. Namaste Mx

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