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After watching the film ‘My week with Marilyn’ on a flight to New York, I was inspired to write (again!) as it made me realise the profound effect this woman had on the world and the many people whose lives she touched; like Colin Clark who kept the diary documenting his week on a film set with Sir Lawrence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe making the film the Sleeping Prince.

Michelle Williams played her wonderfully and gave a very realistic portrait of the pain Marilyn was going through at the time. As I watched her playing her various roller coaster emotions, I wondered what was going through her mind as she captured her vulnerability perfectly, enabling you a glimpse into the unique qualities of Marilyn who had such a gift of captivating her audience both on and off the screen leaving you with no doubt what made her legendary and prolonged our fascination of her that so few movie stars are able to achieve in a lifetime.

Now I’m not a Marilyn Monroe expert and I haven’t studied her enough to make qualified judgements of her character, so I won’t. However, from what I have read about her and seen on screen, it appears to me that she was incredibly insecure and negative about herself. My guess is that it would have been difficult for Marilyn to have regular reality checks and be grounded enough to enjoy the wonder of the life she was creating.

I’m sure the people around her meant well by telling her how great she was, but I can’t help thinking that had she been taught the power of positive self talk, she would have gone on to be a great teacher to many a young, insecure person wanting to enter the competitive world of acting on screen….but then again maybe her purpose was to teach others the lesson of how not thinking for yourself can have such a damaging effect on your life…perhaps?

I believe she was doing her true work as an extraordinary, vulnerable actress, not in control of her own life, reliant on others to tell her how good she was and setting a perfect example of how having too much; beauty, adoration, money, success may not be the recipe for a long and happy life after all.

In my opinion (and it is only my opinion) I believe life is about balance and having the time to enjoy each and every moment whilst you are in it…right now. It’s also about using your gifts wisely and to be honest enough to admit and learn by your mistakes, teaching others what you have learnt. I’ve often heard the saying; ‘true wisdom is learning from the mistakes of others’. Good advice if you are prepared to take it!

No matter what, we will never know what really went on in her mind.
Thank you Norma Jeane, you really we’re a candle of light in the wind that blew out too soon for many…but just in time to show us the way.

M x



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2 Responses to Movies and Marilyn

  1. Brownie Keathley says:

    I enjoy reading articles about Marilyn. She was a mixed up lady.
    I have several books about her. I have a poster that my father had of her. It was 61 x 22. It is in very good shape. It has been in my parents attic for at least 40 years. I have not found it in any of the web sites. She was dressed in a two piece bathing suit. Green with green stripes. Her hair was brown. That picture was made in the ’40′s. I would like to know more about this poster.

    Brownie Keathley
    PO Box 162
    Yorkville, TN 38389

    • M says:

      Thanks for visiting this site.
      It sounds like a wonderful picture you have there of Marilyn.
      I’m sorry I can’t help you with more information about it…hopefully someone reading this post might!

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