Now is the time

In my in-box today I found a special episode from

featuring an interview with Don Jose Ruiz.

The discussion is about his views on the real meaning of the 2012 Mayan calendar and predictions that are already well documented. I thought it might be useful to share this with you as it offers a profound insight into the power of thought..which is my favourite topic as you already know!

I also want to mention this show because they interview a lot of interesting people and many experts on Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking; which is often more powerful when in video form than the written word for some people. They really are a fantastic example of doing ‘your true work’ and making a difference by sharing some powerful stories and ideas to inspire and create your own reality in life.

Well worth checking out…in my opinion of course and seriously under no obligation on your part…I’m just a great believer in sharing anything about positive thinking!

Here’s some of the message I received:
Find out what’s REALLY going to happen, right here Don Jose Ruiz has an interesting take on the 2012 Mayan prediction that may surprise you, or it may be what you’ve known in your heart all along. Oftentimes, we know the truth of a situation, but we don’t trust ourselves enough. As Don Jose Ruiz says…”Like a well that never runs dry, we are all full of ideas, creativity, intuition and life. Everything you are looking for is already inside you. NOW is our only reality and NOW is the time to start creating a beautiful moment, a wonderful creation of life.”

Another reason I like this particular interview is because Don Jose Ruiz talks about trusting your instinct and to know that what you think deep inside is usually not only your truth, but the truth. This is something you can use in your every day life. Often people who meditate on a problem or challenge they have, talk about going within for the answers and always getting the guidance they needed.

I also like his reference to the power of now. It’s so important we stay present and in tune with the moment we are in rather than living in the past and dwelling on past hurts and negativity, or wishing our lives away to some date in the future where a meeting is booked or a holiday is planned. Bit like me today…I should be preparing for my trip to New York this week but I’m enjoying this moment and want to spend it writing and sharing this film with you the reader;-)

Anyway, I’ve rambled on enough about it, so why not take a look for yourself;

If you are inspired in anyway, or have stories about your true work, then please remember to leave me a comment after this blog.

Happy watching!

M x


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  1. Aldrovanda says:

    this is very interesting site and also very informative

  2. Ester says:

    nice information, thanks for your blog

    • M says:

      Thanks for the feedback, so glad you liked this blog it helps me understand what my readers are interested in so thanks for taking the time to write in.

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