Perfect or Posted?

Time…in Assisi


I love to write…as those of you who have been following me know.

So why am I not writing more than I have? What’s holding me back, causing me to wait,  contemplate, consider and …well… procrastinate? Hmmm, believe I found out this evening following a call with my dear friends from all over the world on our monthly Skype call we committed to do to stay connected. Such a great bunch of people who have so many gifts to share!

During the call we had so many great stories to share of the work we are doing and as usual we ran over our time. However, not before we found a common thread of a core belief we all have about the power of thought. It was as I was enthusiastically recommending Napoleon Hill’s book ‘Your Right to be Rich’ (One of the many audio books I listen to on my travels) and went on to explain about the lineage of how he was connected to Dale Carnegie and W. Clement Stone, when one of the team started talking about and recommending David Neagle.

Turns out David Neagle is linked to us via a very dear friend and great coach of ours. He is also linked and connected with my hero and someone I have admired for years; The one and only Bob Proctor…who, by the way, was mentored by Napoleon Hill many years ago. Less than twelve months ago, I had the great good fortune to have a VIP breakfast with Bob and a few others who attended one of the many events he was speaking at last year.

It was one of the most memorable moments of my life…but that’s another story for another blog!

Anyway, I digress. I found out why I’m not writing as much as I could, should and want to. It came to me as I came off the Skype call, with my head filled with ideas and words and stories that I so want to share with you all. Then came the excuses; it’s late, I have to get up early tomorrow, I don’t have time, I’ll just look up David Neagle on the net just to see, and then…..trumpets please….! The big reason:

‘It will take too long as I have to write it, type it and post it (with a picture) so I won’t bother for now.’ Typical. I’d rather it be perfect than posted!

No more excuses. Or ‘Excuses be Gone!’ as Dr Wayne Dyer would say!!

So here I am way past midnight, typing direct into wordpress, fast as I can so I can get this message to you and share the point in this. Don’t wait to be perfect…just do it. Or in my case, just post it! And more importantly; Stay connected with who you are and what you love to do, whatever that may be.

Goodnight dear reader!

M x



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2 Responses to Perfect or Posted?

  1. Excellent post M! I love it – don’t wait for it to be perfect… just do it! In other words – realize that you are the brilliant product you’ve been waiting to get “just right”!

    Keep up the writing ♥

    • M says:

      Thank you Moira! So pleased you liked it, you know I appreciate your encouragement and wise woman words!
      I will keep writing…it’s my ‘true work’ ♥

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