This too will pass

20121013-095918.jpgAnyone who has ever suffered with any kind of food poisoning or tummy bug will know what it’s like to feel totally locked in the moment of it all to think anything else but what you are going through. It can be pretty painful and unpleasant to say the least, and any kind words or soothe sayers have no chance of breaking the barriers we put around ourselves during this time as we wallow in the hideousness of it all.

I recall my experience well, and for someone who promotes positive self talk and mastering your thoughts, the only thoughts I could muster at the time that were remotely positive was ‘this too will pass’.

Unpleasant situations do pass. If we let them that is. Sometimes you just have to let go and allow whatever it is that is causing you pain and suffering to run its course. Whether that be a relationship that is causing you unnecessary suffering, or an illness…either way, holding onto the pain, or thoughts around it serves no other purpose than to perpetuate the problem and feed its hungry craving for control over you.

The body/mind connection has always been a source of fascination and study for me. Louise Hay explains it extremely well in her book called ‘You can heal your life’. Here she highlights how a negative mind-set (especially about oneself) can bring about dis-ease in various parts of the body. We often hold onto pain mentally and emotionally and if we do it long enough, these thoughts and emotions manifest into physical pain in our bodies. Our perception becomes our reality and how we think can change our lives and our health.

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. – Abraham Lincoln

Our natural state is to be happy, healthy, vibrant beings living a life of peace and doing the things that bring us joy. So how come we are not always happy and healthy then?
The reality is this: what we think about, becomes true for us.

How we think of ourselves creates dis-ease if those thoughts are not aligned with our natural state. If you are unhappy or dissatisfied in any part of your life, something is not right in your thoughts, feelings, or actions, and this in turn manifests and reflects in your body.

The ‘Course in Miracles’ states that all dis-ease comes from a state of unforgiveness and that whenever we are ill we need to look around to see who we need to forgive. Quite often the one that needs the most forgiveness is yourself.
Thoughts and feelings of self loathing, critical self talk when we have made a mistake or self depreciating comments in the company of others all goes towards creating disharmony within our bodies.

However, it always amazes me how quickly the body can heal itself if we facilitate the appropriate actions such as bed rest for recovery, water to prevent dehydration and a nearby loo for…need I say more!

As synchronicity would have it, I recently heard that there are ways to separate yourself from pain by disassociating with it; one of many techniques used to cope with chronic pain. Our mind plays an important part in how we deal with pain, so distracting my mind during this unpleasant experience with my little mantra of ‘this too will pass’ served me well…because it did eventually pass I’m pleased to say!

I wish you a healthy mind for a healthy body
Love and light

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